Flow Date Yourself

A break down of how I tap into my flow state with Bloom. To read my exploration of the illusive “Flow State”, click here.


1. Comfortable Clothing

Cuts out distractions. For me, its underwear. Its pretty freeing. Just make sure your blinds are shut.

2. Some sort of Caffeine

Hot - Cold / Real - Fake it doesn’t matter. I ain’t here to judge but have it easily available. Sip on it when needed. The caffeine will start a cascade effect and get your brain sprakin'. I hate to admit this but when I found this “flow state equation” I was drinking Redbull. I have switched to Turkish coffee since then.


3. Headphones & a playlist you know well

You want to be able to get into your own head for a bit. Block out the world. A little insiders tip: I curate all of Blooms playlist if you need a playlist to get familiar with there are a few bangers over there. Once you get the hang of your own personal flow state, I recommend having a “Flow State Playlist”. Anytime you really feel yourself “flowing” during a certain song, SAVE IT! The next time you have a flow state session, just by listening to the songs that were successful perviously, muscle memory will kick in and your brain is a giant muscle.

4. A Mundane task

This can be cleaning, running, showering ... something where the analytical left side of your brain can go into autopilot. You know the saying “I get all my best ideas in the shower!”, that’s what you are looking for. Some of my best ideas have come while running, something I still (semi) look forward to but have done for years. Muscle memory kicks in giving the ability to let the other side of my brain, say the creative side, to wander.


5. PEX
aka Pineapple Express

But also, this might not be your strain! For me, I had noticed smoking this particular strain gave me this electrifying high. My brain feels as if its bouncing off the walls with ideas. GC (Green Crack) is the only other strain that has come close to giving me this same feeling. Its all about listening to your brain & not your strain! Every strain, doesn’t matter if its sativa or indica, will give different effects for different people.

6. A Pen & Paper!

This is where the magic happens. As I keep busy my mind starts to wonder. Ideas start popping up like little bubbles in a glass of champagne. If you catch yourself saying "oh I will remember this". STOP & WRITE IT DOWN! Don’t let it float around taking up space for other ideas.


  1. SET A DATE - I’ve noticed Friday nights work best. Having the weekend to look forward to helps the anxiety stay at bay. You don’t want to put a time stamp on your date. What if you get lucky???

  2. DON’T SIT DOWN! - you don’t want to lose your momentum! Even the small act of walking keeps your brain active

  3. AIRPLANE MODE - This is a date with yourself. Private time. You wouldn’t be on a date with someone you love and check your phone would you? Don’t cheat on yourself.

  4. GO IN WITH NO EXPECTATIONS - Nothing magical was ever forced. Forced magic is just a trick.


& thats how I #breakthestonerstigma

Siera Shrout