Forever Babe:

My mission is to empower and educate others about the elements needed to heal themselves. I hope in time you too become just as curious as me about food, wellness, travel, natural beauty, & plants

Kyra is a Japanese Hawaiian German digital nomad who has for the last 3 years lived + worked all across the USA in a van, driving up to the arctic circle, spending time in Bali, Australia and now settling down in the Bay Area. Just when you think she cant get any cooler, she does. “I am a certified yoga teacher, reiki practitioner and ski instructor. I lived in India for 5 months studying eastern + western medicine. I even drank traditional bhang in Holi, that stuff is potent!”


In between traveling and being an all around girl boss she runs a wellness website. “I decided I want to pursue health coaching + cannabis wellness because to me, they aren’t separate. I recently got my grandmother off pain medicine of 25 years for arthritis to using a CBD gel.”

Her social media presence is inspiring to say the least. I don’t think you could find a sweeter, kinder human being. Her instagram is catalog of beautiful imagery paired with helpful insights to wellness, health, and of course, cannabis.  Did I mention she makes dope digital art? “I switched up from painting to digital art because i was traveling so much + it was hard to pack my paints around. Taught myself photoshop from YouTube.” I love a self taught woman! Watch her collage process where she takes a photo and turns it into a work of art.


to learn more about Kyra, check out her website: