Hey Hey Drinks

Here in Los Angeles we love our drinks. It doesn’t even matter what kind of drink it is. Give us a good coffee shop, an organic juice spot, a hidden speak easy or give us death!  Are you even in Los Angeles if you haven’t been to one of these three types of establishments within the last 48 hours?


It was just like any other Sunday, a friend and I were driving back from brunch (duh) and we spotted a set back neon sign reading HEY HEY. We busted a bitch and went to investigate. Boy, were we in for the loveliest little LA surprise.  HEY HEY Drinks is a teahouse located in Echo Park on the corner of Sunset BLVD and Echo Park Ave. If you like a well designed place to chill, with a decent size patio (which is hard to come by in LA) and a staff that makes you feel like you’ve been welcomed into someone’s home, look no further fam.  From fresh drinks to rich drinks they have something for whatever your mood or diet you are currently on at the moment. I highly recommend the “Royal” Milk Tea with almond pudding for your next cheat day or a “Passion” Black Tea if you want a quick mid-day refresher.  


After finding this hidden gem, we immediately texted the crew to roll through. I’d say go now before everyone else catches on because this spot will definitely become a place to show your out of town visitors when they say they want to go where the locals go.

hey hey drinks roze volca.gif