You Know Nothing Roze Volca

I am just a girl, sitting in front of a computer screen, lost yet eager to learn. Hello, I am Siera Josephine and I know nothing about cannabis but also want to learn everything about it. From THC to CBD to Indica to Sativa, I want to know about it all. 

But like most people, the internet can be a little overwhelming. If you have an agenda you want to seek out, you will find it. No. Matter. What. Think the earth is flat? There are supporters out there who have written numerous articles to back it up. Think Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer? Say no more fam, the internet has links on links on links. Is weed bad for you? circle yes or no. There are arguments to both sides out there whether they are factual or fake. 

Now obviously I don't think weed is going to kill me by any means. (although that is what my extended family is teaching their children) I have done enough research to know this plant isn't here to harm but to help. What I guess I am trying to get at is this will be a documentation of my declaration through Marijuana.