The old Roze volca: 
like the old Kanye just not as good.

Wait. You don't make secret stash underwear anymore? Truth be told, I got ahead of myself. 


The idea for Roze grew from the polo fields of Coachella. As a festival goer, smuggling anything from marijuana to birth control was an issue. I am also the daughter of an engineer and its in my blood to ask "Is there an easier way?". A couple of years later I was producing underwear with secret pockets to hide whatever you could fit into a 3"x5" space.


The Issue(s):

1. Production is a bitch and a half. I jumped into the deepest end of the pool on this project. I knew nothing about anything when it came to production but I had too much momentum to stop, so I didnt and the product suffered. 

2. Sizing. After producing my first (and most likely final) run of pocketed panties, because of the previously stated issue above, they were running way smaller than I had liked them to. I hated this. I hated this because by them being small, I was apart of the problem that is our beauty industry. So I hid them. I wasnt proud of my own product. 


My Solution: 

To my small following, I thank you for sticking with me. I have seen so much support from so many of you. I still have select sizes left but until I become best friends with a person who can help me create the product you all deserve, I have stopped production of the pocketed panties.

(if you are that person please apply for best friend status)